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Catherine Yesayan

A Fateful Train Ride

My Paris – Vienna trip included a stop in Stuttgart to change trains. As I arrived there, I heard the bad news: the connecting train had been cancelled. This was right in the middle of the intense heat wave afflicting all of Europe.

Catherine Yesayan

An Unforgettable March

BY CATHERINE YESAYAN On April 24, I was one of the 160,000 people (number was confirmed by Los Angeles City officials and traffic engineers) that marched for justice to protest the Turkish government’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide. It was a thrilling experience to take part in the six mile walk, and see how

Aznavour: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It has been well over forty years that our beloved Charles Aznavour accepted an invitation to perform at the Armenian Club in Tehran. I was there with my husband. Even after so many years, the image of him in his white suit and the rich sound of his singing are still fresh in my mind.