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Georgia Promises to Retain Control over Gas Pipeline to Armenia

Georgia’s Minister of Economic Development today repeated earlier assurances that Tbilisi does not plan to sell off the trunk pipeline that feeds natural gas from Russia to Armenia via Georgian territory. The state may offload only a minority share — 15 percent tops — but would retain the controlling stake in the North-South pipeline, Economic Development Minister Vera Kobalia said.

7th Annual Golden Apricot Film Festival Kicks Off in Yerevan

The seventh annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival kicked off this weekend, marking the beginning of a week-long celebration of cross-cultural exchange, world heritage and art, and the human experience, all through film. Founded in 2004, the film festival bears the theme of Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations, a testament to Armenia’s geopolitical role throughout history, and will take place in Yerevan from July 11-18.

Sleight of Hand on the World Stage

Rouben Galichian’s The Invention of History: Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Showcasing of Imagination (Gomidas Institute/Printinfo Art Books) is a very important book that addresses a core issue facing the Armenian people 95 years after the genocide: survival in the face of further erasures and eradications.

Full of Style and Tradition, Homenetmen 35th Navasartian Victory Ball Attracts Community Leaders, Supporters and Members

As the annual event that gathers hundreds of Homenetmen members and supporters in celebration of the victories and outstanding efforts that encompass the Navasartian Athletic Games, this year’s Victory Ball was held on Saturday, June 26 at the Glendale Hilton Hotel. The exuberant setting offered an ideal environment in which to celebrate the entire Homenetmen organization and its many successes.