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Defending the Armenian Church in Georgia

Among the 29 Armenian Churches functioning in Tbilisi in the beginning of the 20th-Century, only 1 remains active. Many analysts and members of the Armenian Community in Georgia view this as an attempt to completely assimilate or drive out what remains of this centuries old ethnic-Armenian population.

Emil Kazaz Honored at AGBU Reception

On the evening of Saturday, November 7, 2009, a large crowd from the Armenian community attended a tribute event dedicated to internationally renowned artist Emil Kazaz, held at the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Alex Manoogian Center in Pasadena.

The Pitfalls of a Historical Commission

When reviewing the recently signed Protocols regarding diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey, given that settling the border is a sovereign right, that Armenia’s elected leaders have never stated they have territorial claims on Turkey, and that the Karabagh conflict is not explicitly part of the Protocols, what remains for debate is the “sub-commission on the historical dimension.”

The Perils of Open Market Economy in Armenia

As Turkey and Armenia attempt to rebuild their strained relationships, political suspicions, deeply rooted in history, resurface between the two. The implementation of a “roadmap” for restoring relations between the two countries could certainly change the political alignments in the Caucasus region. Turkey, however, seems to be aiming beyond the Caucasus and attempting to reestablish its ties with the Arab and Muslim worlds. Armenia, on the other hand, has simply succumbed to the dictates of the regional policies and adjusted its national interests for the economic gains of the elite.

Ya Vur Kurtul, Ya Ver Kurtul

For centuries this has been the Turkish modus operandi. Since the middle ages when the central Asian invasion of their west began, a variety of Turkmens, Tatars, Mongols, Khazars, Seljuks, Kara Qoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu, and the other lesser tribes have passed their techniques of conquering and governing to their inheritors, the Ottomans. Ya Vur Kurtul, Ya Ver Kurtul—either hit and be free, or pay and be free.

This Is the Party I Knew

This is the party I knew, this is the party I grew up with, this is the party that shaped my political conviction, and this is the party I love. Men with guts, attempting to revolutionize the status quo, have finally stepped up to the plate to resurrect the old roadmap and coin anew a healthy, viable, and effective national manifesto directing the nation to a clear path to viability and success. Once again, the Tashnagtsutiun has become Hai joghovurti ightseri ardahaydiche (the implementer of the wishes of the Armenian nation). Once again it is leading the nation.