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Azerbaijan to Maintain Ban on Turkish Journalists

The Turkish NTV television station, temporarily banned from Azerbaijan for interviewing the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s Foreign Minister, will not have its media accreditation reinstated until the Azeri Foreign Ministry is “sure” it will will no longer report on Karabakh, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Elkhan Polukhov told a press briefing on Thursday

The Ideological Basis of Armenian Statehood

Ten days of discussion have already passed from the forty (of traditional mourning) granted to that dark pair of protocols. It is evident that the “internal discussions” are not working out. Naturally, they would not come to pass, given the circumstances. The current situation makes nothing work, and nothing will work in this scenario.
Due to my own circumstances, I am participating in these discussions as Vladimir Ilyich once did, in the form of “Letters from far away”. Even with some hindrances, this does have its advantages. I am free from the influence of any faction and can act solely in accordance with my own beliefs, which have been formed as a result of years of inquiry.

On Protocols, Authority and Resignations

A question has been raised a great deal lately, to which a clear answer has not been given. Why is the Armenian Revolutionary Federation demanding the resignation of the foreign minister, but does not demand the resignation of the president? Although I am not a member of the ARF, I shall try to answer this question, because it is bad form, in principle, to leave questions raised by society unanswered.

Once More on the Pair of Unfortunate Protocols

Through their own dubious analysis and that of others, certain Parteikanzlei (party leaderships) are attempting to equate opposition to signing the pair of unfortunate protocols and the establishment of Armenian-Turkish diplomatic relations with opposing the opening of the so-called border. Personally, I am one hundred percent for establishing diplomatic, as well as consular, relations and fifty percent for opening the so-called border. At the same time, I am one hundred percent against signing, much less ratifying, the aforementioned protocols as, apart from the establishment of diplomatic relations and the lifting of the blockade on Armenia, they consist of more than ten very serious, even historically critical, liabilities, which are not even so much preconditions in nature, but are designated demands to be fulfilled.