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OSCE Minsk Group US Co-Chair Matthew Bryza Discusses Madrid Principles, New Role for ‘Azeris of Karabakh’

OSCE Minsk Group US Co-chairman Matthew Bryza, in an extensive interview with the Azeri APA news agency, discussed recent developments in the Karabakh peace process. He spoke about the proposed changes to the Madrid Principles, and put forth a dangerous precedent in the talks: the inclusion of so-called Azeris of Karabakh in the talks. Below we reprint the interview.

A Gem in the Rough: The Appreciation of Armenian Art

For the last decade or so, the number of art galleries in Southern California has been steadily growing. A notable addition to the group is Stephanie’s Fine Art Gallery, a bold and innovative gallery specializing in Armenian art. Beyond its unique emphasis on Armenian art, Stephanie’s is particularly distinctive because of the vision of its founder and owner, Linda Stepanyan.

Capital Perspectives: Grassroots is Making Our Cause a Reality

Let me start off my piece with a disclaimer. I’ve heard for years that “grassroots makes the difference” – seen ANCA videos making the point, heard speeches on the topic – perhaps to the point of cliché. And, for the record, when I get that ANCA email that includes a link to an action alert urging us to contact our Representative in support of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, or self-determination for Karabakh, or aid to Armenia – I click it and send it. It only takes a minute.

The Mystical Keghart

As the bus pulled up to the Keghart church, I thought that it was yet another place we would walk by without a second glance. The moment I stepped off the bus, I felt a sudden rush, and the low atmospheric pressure. We were pretty high up, almost entirely surrounded by mountains yet, surprisingly, one could see a river flowing nearby.

The Miracle of Seven Voices

Many people travel to Armenia every year and return home with memories that end up lasting them a lifetime. When tourists visit this place, some fall in love with the architectural wonders dripping with culture and history, while others have their breath taken away by the ineffable views of Mount Ararat. Whether interested in the sciences or the arts, tourists around the world praise Armenia’s beauty. However, as a young woman in high school, it was not the architectural Gods or the awe-inspiring views that left a permanent mark on my heart, but the miracle of the seven voices I experienced within the walls of the singular Geghard Monastery.