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New Approaches to Armenian Genocide Studies

Dr. Richard G. Hovannisian, AEF Chair in Modern Armenian History at UCLA, hosted two on-campus events in commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The first event was a public lecture on April 13 by Matthias Bjornlund titled “Smyrna/Izmir, 1914-1916: ‘A Special Case’ during the Armenian Genocide.” The second event on April 15 was a public lecture by Dr. Ügur Üngör titled “Confiscation and Colonization: The Young Turk Seizure of Armenian Property.” In addition to these two events, Dr. Hovannisian also organized a symposium at the Glendale Public Library on April 18 titled “Looking Backward, Moving Forward.” The symposium was cosponsored by the Library’s Armenian Outreach, headed by Ms. Elizabeth Grigorian, and was supported by the AEF Chair’s Souren and Verkin Papazian Fund and UCLA Centers for Near Eastern Studies and for European-Eurasian Studies.

Armenian Genocide Documentary Screening Attracts 170 in Alabama

More than 170 students and members of the Mobile community attended the screening of the critically acclaimed PBS documentary “The Armenian Genocide” directed by Andrew Goldberg. The event was organized by a group of students at the University of South Alabama including Narine Karapetyan, Chase Krebs and Rachel Logan. The successful event included the recent “60 minutes” clip on the Armenian Genocide and a question and answer session led by a professor in the History department at the University.

Sarkisian Meets with Obama, Erdogan; Says Genocide Cannot be Questioned

President Serzh Sarkisian on Monday met with President Barack Obama and held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of an international nuclear summit. Sarkisian also attended an event at the tomb of President Woodrow Wilson, where after laying a wreath, he made remarks at the National Cathedral addressed to community members and Armenian Genocide survivors who had gathered for the event.

Setting the Record Straight

If you have watched Mr. Keuroghelian or the handful of anti-ARF talk show hosts who lease program time on AMGA, you are by now aware the ANC-PAC had discussions and meetings with Mr. Keuroghelian about his candidacy after he announced his intent to run on television.

The Secret of Endurance

Rarely an organization, consistently hard at work, finds time to recall its destiny, take pride of its accomplishments, evoke and celebrate its undertakings, and generate public enthusiasm and support. Ever since its founding in 1910, the ARS has staged the priority of practice and labor over rhetoric and publicity. Carrying on a multitude of tasks and missions, the organization has been moving along with the Armenian fate and reflecting on its history for a century.

AYF Welcomes New Members; Community Celebrates its Heroes

The legends of heroic Armenian freedom fighters from a century ago came to life in Central California during the Armenian Youth Federation’s Revolutionary Weekend. Men and women who took up arms to protect their compatriots from the savagery of the Ottoman Turks were the focus of educationals, lectures, and talks organized by the Fresno “Kevork Chavoush” Chapter.

A False Choice and A Real Chance

Mr. Chahe Keuroghelian wants us to believe he has a chance to win. He wants us to believe it is a choice between him and the other Armenian-American candidate seeking election to succeed Paul Krekorian as the California Assemblyman representing the district with the largest concentration of Armenians in the State.

Prelate’s Easter Message

“Peace be with you”. These are the words our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to the disciples during His first manifestation to them after His resurrection. On the evening of the Resurrection, the disciples were gathered behind locked doors in fear and confusion. They were afraid as they had witnessed the agonizing death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and confused at the empty tomb that Peter and John had found earlier that day. Though Jesus Christ had foretold of His crucifixion and Resurrection, and Mary Magdalene had told them of her encounter with Jesus near the tomb where He had been laid, they were so overwhelmed with fear they could not comprehend what had happened.