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Rose And Alex Pilibos Thespians Tackle Complex Neil Simon Comedy Fools With Great Success

In an impressive first-ever theatrical effort, the Rose and Alex Pilibos High School Drama Program—led by directors Dominic Catrambone and Jeremy Kent Jackson of DiscoveryOnstage—successfully staged the Neil Simon comic fable Fools. Mr. C and Mr. J, as they are affectionately known to the Pilibos drama class, trained totally unseasoned and introverted high school students and turned out seasoned, confident actors. When asked what the students were like as actors at the start of the elective class and what they represented as actors onstage in their theatrical debuts, Mr. J said simply, “Night and day.”

Ralph Yirikian will be Honored as Armenian Bone Marrow Man of the Year

The Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry announced that Ralph Yirikian will be named its Man of the Year during “Match for Life 2009,” the registry’s upcoming annual gala. The event will also honor a number of volunteers for their outstanding service to the ABMDR, and celebrate the launch of the registry’s Stem Cell Harvesting Center in Yerevan.

Fresno ANC Hosts Genocide Seminar for High school Students, Teachers

More than 75 students and several teachers from high schools of Fresno, Clovis, Central, Madera and Sanger unified school districts participated in an enlightening Genocide Seminar held on Saturday, May 2, at Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Fresno to increase awareness about genocide and encourage local high schools to incorporate related genocide lessons in their curricula.

To the Editor: Think Tanks

ver since I read Harut Sassounian’s April 24-25 commentary entitled “Think Tank Report on Armenia: You get What You Pay For” I have been extremely upset and angry. Why and how come we are still such a fair game for the Powers to be? Especially now, that we have a government of Armenia, so to speak.

‘Tebi Yergir’ Information Fair Highlights Opportunities in Armenia

From its very inception, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation came onto the world stage voicing the call of “Tebi Yergir.” It appealed to all Armenians to go to the homeland directly to take part in its defense and development. As an organization, the ARF has always believed that, ultimately, Armenia is the only place where we could truly flourish as a nation.

Matching Our Civic Voice to Our Economic Muscle

We have, as a community of Americans of Armenian heritage, done great things. But our civic voice has yet to match our economic muscle. We must begin to harness the vast wealth amassed by generations of Armenian families to the noble cause of strengthening our rightful role as full citizen stakeholders in shaping America’s policies at home and abroad.