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An Update From AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ Committee

An Update From AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ Committee

GLENDALE—In 2017, 26 Armenian soldiers have been killed by Azerbaijani fire and landmine explosions. At least 7 out of the 26 were born in the year 1998, which made them 19 years old and 10 out of the 26 were born in the year 1997, which made them 20. The “With Our Soldiers” Committee informs

Liquid mine waste fills valley near Kapan, Syunik province

Oil, Gas and Mining in Armenia

BY JOSEPH DAGDIGIAN It was recently reported that exploration for oil and gas in parts of Armenia would begin soon. Having seen some of the environmental destruction caused by Armenia’s mining industry, I have little confidence in Armenia’s ability to protect the environment from damage from mining and, in the future, from petroleum and gas

‘Vahe Oshagan: Between Acts’ will be screened on Tuesday at Glendale Public Library

‘Vahe Oshagan: Between Acts’ to be Screened on Tuesday

The much-anticipated screening of “Vahé Oshagan: Between Acts,” a film by Hrayr Anmahouni will take place on Tuesday, October 24, at 7 p.m. at the Glendale Downtown Library. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with UCLA professor Hagop Kouloujian and Taline Voskeritchian, a professor at Boston University and the American University of

The Western US Homenetmen team during the opening ceremonies of the 10th Pan-Homenetmen Games

10th Pan-Homenetmen Games Kick off in Yerevan

YEREVAN—The 10th Pan-Homenetmen Games kicked off Saturday with a parade of athletes in the center of the city setting the stage for the centennial celebrations of the founding of the athletic and scouting organization, which was founded in 1918. Some 1,250 athletes representing 19 Homenetmen chapters from around the world, including Tehran’s Ararat and Nairi