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Artsakh Defense Ministry release photographs of belongings and weapons seized from Azerbaijani forces who attempted, but failed, to breach the border on Thursday

4 Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed after Artsakh Forces Rebuff Attack

STEPANAKERT—Special forces of the Azerbaijani army attempted to breach the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border on Thursday and were quickly rebuffed the attack. The Artsakh Defense Ministry reported that four Azerbaijani soldiers were killed and their equipment seized during the operation. “Thanks to the high tactical preparedness and proper technical equipment, the subunits of the Artsakh Defense Army

Prince Harry during a reception for Halo Trust

Prince Harry Raises Awareness for Landmine Clearance in Unrecognized Territories

BY MARAL FIRKATIAN WOZNIAK To what extent do fancy parties with celebrity saturated guest lists affect positive social change? In the case of landmines and the impact they have, namely in developing countries, it turns out the answer is quite a lot. On Tuesday, April 4th, International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine