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Garen Yegparian

Jason Katz’s Impeded Development

Jason Katz’s “Impediments to regional development in the South Caucasus” , which Appeared in “Congress blog” on “The Hill” website, leaves the (informed) reader with the impression that the only impeded development exits in the author’s mind

Garen Yegparian


Electric Yerevan; Kamp Armen. These two recent Armenian mini-movements have gotten quite a bit of (well-deserved) attention.

Garen Yegparian

Oversized Water Pistols, Undersized Brains

The last week’s developments can almost be described as bizarre. Over something as simple and basic as electricity rates (or tariffs as they’re being referred to in what I assume is a more Euro-English parlance) in the Republic of Armenia, a major street mobilization has erupted!

Garen Yegparian

Terrible Two’s Turkic Tantrums

The terrible two Turkic “republics” – Azerbaijan and Turkey – with their behavior remind even the most casual observer of nothing more than a child in its terrible twos. We are constantly treated to temper tantrums and other childish behavior.