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Yes We Can! Part I

Some dream of it, many don’t! When contemplated, many say it is impossible! When brought to focus they give you a hundred reasons as to why it is a losing proposition; the faint hearted freeze at the thought; The ones who have guts to face the issue, don’t have leadership, yet the leadership of the major political parties do not even have it on their radar screen! Or if they do, they tremble before its challenges!

Our Friends, Our Foes: The Kurds

The inheritance of my generation of Armenians is the legacy of our parents and grandparents, who survived the Genocide, especially the atrocities committed by the Kurds. Even after almost a century, talking to the post-Genocide Armenians about the Kurds generates anger, disgust, hatred, belittlement and at best indifference. However to-day’s realities mandate a cool, close look at these people who share land with us in South Eastern Turkey, which we call Western Armenia, and they call Northern Kurdistan. So are they our friends or foes, or both?

Tales of Winter

Finally it snowed! And finally, I used freshly split logs to start a long-awaited fire with dried kindling in the fireplace. It was the seventh of the month, and it had not yet snowed until now. That was a change from yesteryears, when Thanksgiving came in the middle of snowstorms stranding air and land travelers. The Greens attribute all this change to global warming, which, if persists, will melt the Antarctic snow and raise the sea levels to surpass that of the Great Flood, which prompted Noah to build his arc. Waves and wind had directed the arc towards Armenia, and when the waters receded, the arc had settled on our very own Mount Ararat—unlike the British Navy, which couldn’t (rather wouldn’t) climb our mountain as Gostan Zarian had portrayed in his novel Nave Lerran Vrah (The Ship on the Mountain).