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Obama Alienates Armenian Americans

If President Obama’s plan were to completely alienate Armenian Americans in the first year of his presidency, it’s safe to say he has reached his goal in record time. Two weeks after betraying his campaign promise to properly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, Obama broke yet another promise to Armenian Americans who had staunchly supported him during his presidential campaign—he tilted the military aid parity between Armenia and Azerbaijan in favor of the latter, and proposed allocating less aid to Armenia than it received in 2008.

Panel Discusses Relations Between Turks, Kurds, and Armenians

On April 20, a panel discussion titled “Subjects and Citizens: (Un)Even Relations between Turks, Kurds, Armenians” was held at Bentley University’s Adamian Academic Center. The event, organized by Bentley University’s Global Studies Department, Bentley’s Multicultural Center, and the Armenian Review, featured panelists Dr. Ugur Umit Ungor (University of Sheffield, UK), Bilgin Ayata (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Henry Theriault(Worcester State College), and Dr. Dikran Kaligian (Regis College). Dr. Asbed Kotchikian (Bentley Unversity) moderated.

Soccer Diplomacy and the Road Not Taken

An alternative perspective for building peace between Turkey and Armenians BY KHATCHIG MOURADIAN In this article[1], I examine the recent heightened diplomatic activity between Armenia and Turkey and the reasons behind the lack of progress in the negotiations despite the confidence with which they started. After providing the context and highlighting the inherent problems with

Turkish Intellectuals Reflect on Obama’s Visit, Armenian Issue

Turkish intellectuals–from progressives to hardliners–I interviewed on the eve of President Obama’s visit to Turkey believe that the U.S. administration will firmly support the dialogue between Turkey-Armenia, but will not recognize the Armenian Genocide. Many progressives, however, expect Obama to pressure Turkey to allow free discussion of the Armenian issue. According to The Economist Turkey