Mutafyan Diagnosed with Early Alzheimer

ISTANBUL-Istanbul Patriarchate Locum Tenens Archbishop Shahan Svadjian at a special meeting of the religious council Wednesday announced that Istanbul Patriarch Archbishop Mesrob Mutafyan has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Arch. Svadjian and Arch. Aram Ateshian, Dr. Ardash Akdaghi read a medical report outlining the Patriarch’s condition. The report was the conclusion of a four-month intensive diagnosis process.

The two archbishops emphasized that the Patriarch will remain in office and all Patriarchate activities were running smoothly.

"There is no need to rush. At this point, excessive discussion on this matter will hinder the community," said Arch. Svazlian.

Archbishop Mutafyan has headed the Istanbul Patriarchate since 1998.