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Yerevan’s Own Summer Of Love

This summer Yerevan is poised to dazzle audiences with an unprecedented cultural event, the debut of Open Music Fest. The brainchild of Aram Gharabekian, artistic director and principal conductor of the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, Open Music Fest will comprise some 25 concerts and a veritable mosaic of programs reflecting the diverse energies of Yerevan itself.

Armenia Facing 40 Years Under Heavy Foreign Debt, Says Minister

Amidst predictions that Armenia’s economy may shrink by as much as 20 percent, Yerevan has received an $80 million pledge of assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). With the loan, Armenia will have received $790 million in economic support from international donors since the onset of the global economic crisis last year, the government announced on Tuesday.

AYF Youth Corps Departs LAX; On Route to Armenia to Work for Homeland

After months of planning, preparation and endless fundraising, the Youth Corps of the Armenian Youth Federation departed from Los Angeles on Wednesday, headed toward the independent Republic of Armenia, where the group will run a day camp for youth in Gyumri.