Armenia articles

Laboring Towards a Foundation

The bitter cold frosted our faces as we struggled up the stairs to the church at Lake Sevan. Blood pumping and muscles straining, I followed the band of my classmates up the mountainous terrain. As we passed small souvenir stands, we eventually made it to the top. A small moment in time was slowed as I turned to glance at the mystical body of water spread out behind me, only to have my breath knocked out of me.

A Presence in Karabakh

As we continued our trip through Karabakh, my class visited the Shoushi School of Music, where young children explore their talents in order to be successful in life. While the principal took us on a tour of the building, we passed through the hallways of each level, checking out the classrooms that were completely different than ours in America. I began searching for a particular room as we hit the 3rd floor.


Following the long-held Ferrahian tradition of sending each graduating class on a trip to the homeland, this year my eleventh grade class made its long anticipated journey to Armenia.