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AYF WR Holds 30th Annual Convention

GLENDALE (AYF PR Office)–The Armenian Youth Federation Western Region held its 30th Annual Convention at AYF Camp Big Pines with 45 delegates representing 13 chapters on the weekend of September 26-28. After an in-depth evaluation of the state of the organization–the meeting presented several resolutions to overcome the challenges facing not only the AYF–but also

Dynamic Celebration Planned Marking AYF’s 70 Years

HOLLYWOOD–The Armenian Youth Federation–Western USA announced on Wednesday that it will be commemorating the 70th anniversary of the AYF with a celebration at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre Hollywood at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday May 18. Founded in 1933 by General Karekin Njdeh–the AYF has provided 70 years of service to Armenian American communities across

Mosul Falls Baghdad in Chaos

BAGHDAD(Reuters)–US and Kurdish forces completed their conquest of northern Iraq on Friday taking Mosul without a fight but Baghdad and other captured cities descended into anarchy. The fall of Mosul–Iraq’s third largest city–left Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit–175 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad–as the last significant target for the United States. US bombers

Khajag Der Grigorian Laid to Rest in Armenia

YEREVAN (Yerkir)–Relatives–friends and colleagues of former Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau member Khajag Der Grigorian bid their final farewell to the ARF leader Friday during a funeral service–which took place at the ARF Simon Vratsian center. Taking part in the service were ARF Bureau members–ARF Executive Council of Armenia members–other ARF representatives as well as political

Armenia Commemorates Genocide Victims

YEREVAN (Reuters)–Thousands of Armenian mourners gathered at the Tsitsernakaberd hilltop on Tuesday–April 24 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. A river of people young and old walked slowly up a tree-lined path to Yerevan’s genocide memorial–a towering granite needle flanked by an eternal flame. The snow-capped Mount Ararat bore silent witness

Israeli Forces Swoop on Gaza Refugee Camps

GAZA (Reuters)–Israeli forces backed by helicopter gunships swooped on three Gaza refugee camps on Thursday after killing four Palestinians who the army said were on their way to attack Jewish settlemen’s. In a separate incident–police said they killed an armed Palestinian who broke into a home in the Israeli village of Maor–five km (three miles)

Vazgen Sargsyan Karen Demirchian Killed in Gunmen Raid on ParliamentGaregin

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)–At 5:15 p.m. Wednesday–10 gunmen entered Armenia’s parliament and assassinated Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan–National Assembly Speaker Karen Demirchian–Deputy Assembly Speaker Yuri Bashkhian and several others while attempting to take control of the building. The prime minister was shot as he addressed the assembly in a speech broadcast live by television to the nation.

Youth Group Dazzles Audiences in Europe

PARIS (Combines Sources)–At the invitation of the France-based Hope for Armenia organization–the Armenian Evangelical Church youth performance group–The Little Virtuosos–dazzled audiences over several days of performances in France and England. Performing in a number of cities including Paris–Lyon–Marseille–Klamari London–the children’s group depicted the stories of Armenian and European inventors and explorers in an innovative and

Genocide Discussed at Seminar in Auschwitz

BY ELSIE CASPARIAN AUSCHWITZ–For the first time since the end of World War II–the European Youth Forum established a Youth University at Auschwitz. The purpose of this arrangement is to organize seminars to educate the young generations of Europe about the lessons of Auschwitz-in connection with the two other genocides of this century–the Armenian and

AYF Western US Issues Jamboree Announcement

The Armenian Youth Federation–Western Region is participating in a youth jamboree in Armenia and Karabakh. ARF youth organizations from around the world will come together for 13 days to engage in an experience of a lifetime–to truly understand their identity. The AYF Western Region will be proudly represented by 50 members. In total–there will be