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About the Environment

Why is it that so many in our communities are either clueless about environmental issues or, very often, averse to doing anything about them? Or, the position taken is something to the effect of “Oh I agree, but…”, and here a number of “reasonable” sounding protestations crop up. Ultimately though, these are just excuses and

Armenian PM Margarian Dies at 55

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)–Prime Minister Andranik Margarian died Sunday of heart failure, government spokeswoman Meri Arutunian said. He was 55. Margarian had been prime minister since May 2000.. Under the Armenian political system, the prime minister has mostly executive powers and is a much less powerful figure than the president. Margarian, educated as a computer specialist,

Armenia’s Gather to Celebrate Independence Day

–Over 7000 attend festival in Little Armenia LOS ANGELES (Glendale New Press/Armenian Youth Federation)–In a sign of their growing political clout–thousands of Armenia’s and Armenian Americans were joined Sunday by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a street fair to celebrate Armenia’s first independence day on May 28–1918. The fair–held in the Little Armenia’section of

ARF Youth Council’s 9th Pan Armenian Meeting in Armenia

YEREVAN (Armenpress)–The 9th Pan-Armenian gathering of ARF’s Youth Council–taking place August 11-20 in Aghavnadzor–will bring together Armenia’s from all over the world to discuss Armenian-Turkish relations and Turkey’s membership in the EU. In an effort to strengthen ties between the youth–the meeting takes place once every two years; this year–it is dedicated to the 90th

Listen Turkey Ararat and Massis are Ours

Recognition–restoration–reparation-demanding System Of A Down plays to capacity crowd at Souls 2005 By Jenny Kiljian System Of A Down–set to drop a new album in two weeks–did anything but hype at the sold-out Souls 2005 concert in Los Angeles on April 24. Playing only three songs from their highly anticipated release of Mesmerize/Hypnotize–the band instead

The Kef for Kerry Tour

The Kef for Kerry Tour consisted of a series of musical rallies in support of John Kerry’s candidacy for President–and a tribute to his twenty years of active support for issues of vital concern to Armenian-Americans. Combining a celebration of Armenian music with political activism–it brought together some of the best Armenian musicians to support

AYF Volunteers Set for Work in Armenia Little Armenia

AYF Youth Corps Ready to Get to Work in Artsakh YEREVAN–The participants of this summer’s AYF Youth Corps program arrived in Armenia on Thursday–to spend most of their summer in Stepanakert–the capitol city of Mountainous Karabagh Republic (Artsakh)–working to rebuild the ARS Soseh kindergarten and the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center there. Though 2004 marks the 10th