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Another World is Possible: An Interview with Khatchik DerGhougassian

In an exclusive interview with Haytoug, Khatchik DerGhougassian, a professor of International Relations at the Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, discusses the social, economic and political challenges plauging the 21st century and, with a focus on Armenia, outlines the potential for progressive movements to change the status quo, both locally and globally.

Dr. Israel Charny Condemns Denial of Armenian Genocide in British Parliament

In an earlier column I wrote about the special conference held at the British Parliament on May 7, organized by the British-Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group. Dr. Israel Charny and I were invited as guest speakers. I spoke about “The Armenian Genocide and Quest for Justice.” Dr. Charny could not attend due to illness, however, his prepared remarks were read by Peter Barker, a former broadcaster of BBC Radio.

70,000 Carnations to Mask Hoax Behind Turkey-Armenia Soccer Match

KAYSERI, Turkey (Today’s Zaman)–The Kadir Has stadium in Kayseri will be adorned with almost 70,000 carnations on October 14 for the 2010 World Cup Qualifying match between Armenia and Turkey with two carnations to each seat in the 33,000-seat stadium, according to Turkey Today’s Zaman.   Mustafa Erengul, the director-general of the Flower Production and