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Atom Egoyan (left) and Jean-Marc Vallée during the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala tribute show

Atom Egoyan Receives Canada’s Most Prestigious Award in Arts

Atom Egoyan Receives Canada’s Most Prestigious Award in Arts

OTTAWA—Some of Canada’s most renowned artists received lifetime achievement awards this year’s Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala, the country’s most prestigious award given for artistic accomplishments. Oscar-nominated Armenian Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan, known for works such as “The Sweet Hereafter” and “The Captive,” was among the laureates at the award ceremony held Saturday at

Hayk Mkhoyan at a press conference.

Armenia Wins Gold at Folk Music Festival

SOFIA, Bulgaria—Armenian singer Hayk Mkhoyan has returned with golden medals from the 6th Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore, also known as “Euro Folk 2015,” held in Bulgaria from May 7 to 17. The festival featured participants from about 60 countries. Mkhoyan was conferred an award in the “Individual Performance” category after he impressed the jury

Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour Turns 91

PARIS—Charles Aznavour celebrates his 91st birthday Friday. The legendary French Armenian singer, who has written more than 800 songs, recorded more than 1,000 of them in French, English, German and Spanish and sold over 100 million records in all, was born Chahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian on May 22, 1924, in Paris; the younger of two children

Author Matthew Karanian near the Armenian monastery of Ktuts, on Ktuts Island in Lake Van, Western Armenia, in 2014 during research for the book 'Historic Armenia After 100 Years.' (Photo: Bared Maronian)

Karanian to Present ‘Historic Armenia’ on May 31 at Oakland’s St. Vartan Church

OAKLAND, Calif.—The St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church of Oakland, Calif., will host a reception and book signing for Author Matthew Karanian and his groundbreaking new book “Historic Armenia After 100 Years” at noon on Sunday, May 31. Karanian’s presentation will include photographs from Western Armenia and a discussion about the journey of creating this first-ever


Armenian Soap Operas Promote Gender Stereotypes and Violence, Says Study

YEREVAN—During recent years, the number of televised soap operas in Armenia has increased dramatically and, despite much criticism, still some 50 percent of the population continue watching such productions. According to communication experts, soap operas openly reveal anti-social and cynical behavior. The aggressive content often found in Armenian soap operas has a crucial and dysfunctional

'1915' will be featured at the Gaboushian Gallery

Garboushian Gallery Premiers ‘1915’ Exhibit

Garboushian Gallery will be presenting an exhibition featuring four contemporary artists of Armenian descent, entitled “1915.” 2015 is the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Throughout this year, Armenians all over the world are commemorating the loss of their ancestors. One hundred years ago, the destiny of all Armenians was forever changed. Since then, the identity

A scene from the music video of 'Don't Deny' by Geneology, Armenia's entry for Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015 Explained

BY DAISY WYATT From The Independent VIENNA—The voting procedure for Europe’s largest and cheesiest singing competition surely can’t be that complicated, can it? For Eurovision aficionado’s the 50/50 telephone-jury process is old news, but if you’re confused by the existence of two semi-finals and want to know what “nul point” really means, look no further.

A view of Carnegie Hall

Evgeny Kissin to Lead Carnegie Hall Concert Marking Armenian Genocide Centennial

NEW YORK—Part of a series of official memorial concerts around the world in association with the Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival, “With You, Armenia” juxtaposes Armenian composers with works by Chopin and includes a world premiere of specially-composed choral work by Krzysztof Penderecki. For those generations, especially in the West, who grew up learning about