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Yerevan’s Own Summer Of Love

This summer Yerevan is poised to dazzle audiences with an unprecedented cultural event, the debut of Open Music Fest. The brainchild of Aram Gharabekian, artistic director and principal conductor of the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, Open Music Fest will comprise some 25 concerts and a veritable mosaic of programs reflecting the diverse energies of Yerevan itself.

Vahe Berberian: The Art and the Artist

It was my usual Thursday afternoon. I was at work about to go home when I received a text message from my sister inviting me to attend Vahe Berberian’s one-man show titled ‘Sաgաyn’. At this point I knew very little about Berberian; just the occasional YouTube clip promoting one of his plays or a friend mentioning his name in passing. In spite of this, I decided to attend the show and see what all the excitement was about. At the show, I was blown away with his hilarious monologue. His fresh and unique perspective on society, life, and the Armenian community captivated the sold-out audience and filled the venue with laughter.

Critics’ Forum: ‘Truth’ Dazzles as Art and Drama

The title of Vasken Brudian’s latest exhibit, “Of Art and Architecture: A Contemporary Discourse,” which opened on June 19, speaks to the artist’s dual talents. Brudian’s sophisticated art combines hand painting and architectural design, sprinkled with lines from literature. The mixed-media creations that result are coated with sublime colors – for me, the deep reds, haunting blues, and shades of orange take on symbolic significance – and reveal truths among layers that dazzle gradually.

The Guards Of Treasures: A Review of the Guards of Ruins

Who says you need a theater in order to stage a play? Arena Productions certainly didn’t need one for its excellent rendition of Gourgen Khanjian’s “Averagneri Bahagneruh” (The Guards of Ruins). The determined troupe, under the direction of Anahid Aramouni Keshishian, simply pitched a platform and scenic backdrop on the grounds of an adult day care center for an open-air presentation of the Armenian-language play that ended its three-weekend run last night.

Rose And Alex Pilibos Thespians Tackle Complex Neil Simon Comedy Fools With Great Success

In an impressive first-ever theatrical effort, the Rose and Alex Pilibos High School Drama Program—led by directors Dominic Catrambone and Jeremy Kent Jackson of DiscoveryOnstage—successfully staged the Neil Simon comic fable Fools. Mr. C and Mr. J, as they are affectionately known to the Pilibos drama class, trained totally unseasoned and introverted high school students and turned out seasoned, confident actors. When asked what the students were like as actors at the start of the elective class and what they represented as actors onstage in their theatrical debuts, Mr. J said simply, “Night and day.”

“Sagayn” Vahe Berberian Speaks

“It’s true, what they say about silence being golden, but I have no love for gold, and I’d rather hear the sound of laughter than silence any time. That’s exactly why I decided to speak again,” says Vahe Berberian, regarding the premier of his latest monologue Sagayn. The artist, playwright, and comedian, Berberian, will perform