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Review Essay: Phillips’ Book on Track Two Diplomacy

Unsilencing the Past: Track Two Diplomacy and Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation by David L. Phillips By Charles Garo Ashjian–JD–PhD This is a book about third party mediation (ie–Track Two Diplomacy) in a world filled with "intractable conflicts that confound traditional diplomacy." Whereas–according to Phillips–the State Department "inculcates a risk-averse culture that discourages initiative and stifles creativity;" (see

Volume I of Armenian Literature Textbook Series Published

FIRST VOLUME OF THE TWO-BOOK SERIES–’ARMENIAN LIFE AND LITERATURE’ PUBLISHED The first completed volume of a new secondary school textbook series by Harutioun Kurkjian concentrates on modern Armenian literature from the 1850s to the end of the 20th Century. The book is designed for 10th graders and provides a general overview of older works–concentrating more