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The Guards Of Treasures: A Review of the Guards of Ruins

Who says you need a theater in order to stage a play? Arena Productions certainly didn’t need one for its excellent rendition of Gourgen Khanjian’s “Averagneri Bahagneruh” (The Guards of Ruins). The determined troupe, under the direction of Anahid Aramouni Keshishian, simply pitched a platform and scenic backdrop on the grounds of an adult day care center for an open-air presentation of the Armenian-language play that ended its three-weekend run last night.

Rose And Alex Pilibos Thespians Tackle Complex Neil Simon Comedy Fools With Great Success

In an impressive first-ever theatrical effort, the Rose and Alex Pilibos High School Drama Program—led by directors Dominic Catrambone and Jeremy Kent Jackson of DiscoveryOnstage—successfully staged the Neil Simon comic fable Fools. Mr. C and Mr. J, as they are affectionately known to the Pilibos drama class, trained totally unseasoned and introverted high school students and turned out seasoned, confident actors. When asked what the students were like as actors at the start of the elective class and what they represented as actors onstage in their theatrical debuts, Mr. J said simply, “Night and day.”

“Sagayn” Vahe Berberian Speaks

“It’s true, what they say about silence being golden, but I have no love for gold, and I’d rather hear the sound of laughter than silence any time. That’s exactly why I decided to speak again,” says Vahe Berberian, regarding the premier of his latest monologue Sagayn. The artist, playwright, and comedian, Berberian, will perform

Western Prelacy to Present Book Chronicling Life of a Repatriate

LA CRESCENTA–The Western Prelacy will host a presentation of the recently-published book “Resurrection with Cane and Shoe” by Prof. Harut Barsamian at the Prelacy’s “Dikran and Zarouhie Der Ghazarian” Hall on Sunday, May 3, at 4 p.m. All proceeds from book sales will benefit the “Harut Barsamian Disabled Armenian Students Scholarship Fund” which the author

Directors and Actors Showcase Their Work At AFFMA Event

LOS ANGELES—A young director, whose film has garnered the attention of Michael Moore, along with the actors of NBC’s new show “Southland”  and  the theatrical production, “Big Bad Armo Show” were in attendance to have their work showcased at a Los Angeles fundraiser, hosted by the Arpa Foundation for Film Music and Art. Martin Yernazian’s

ANC-WR Raises of Genocide Through Commemoration Activities

Joins Community at Montebello Commemoration to Honor Armenian Genocide Victims LOS ANGELES–Several communities in the Western United States held 94th Anniversary Commemoration events last week in honor of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, reported the Armenian National Committee ‘s Western Region (ANC-WR). ANC-WR Board Members and staff were invited to, and participated in, various