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Harry Koundakjian At The AGBU Center: A Peek Through A Photojournalist’s Lens

PASADENA—The AGBU Glendale/Pasadena Chapter is proud to present a unique photo exhibition of renowned photojournalist Harry Koundakjian’s most captivating photos. A very special narrative will be presented by Mr. Koundakjian on Friday September 11 at 8 p.m., providing the audience with the exclusive opportunity to peek through a photojournalist’s lens.   Harry Koundakjian, also known

Derelian Reigns as ‘Coriolanus’

Truth be told, Shakespeare’s script for the historical tragedy “Coriolanus” does not qualify among his best; in fact, the plodding text often makes for drab reading and perhaps explains why the play is infrequently staged.  None of that stops director Darko Tresnjak from delivering a visually and emotionally rich production of the play at San