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Peter Hosharian, George Bilezikian, Dylan Nalbandian, Sophie Avedikian, Ramy Zada, Shiraz Savoian, Bianca Bagatourian, Anne Bedian, Hrach Titizian (Photo credit Jake Hagopian)

Staged Reading of ‘Displacement’ Draws Over 600 Viewers

Staged Reading of ‘Displacement’ Draws Over 600 Viewers

A magical night took place in Montebello, Sunday evening, on November 8th. You could hear a pin drop as an attentive crowd of over 600 watched a staged reading of Displacement written by Shauna Vartanian and expertly directed by film and theatre director, Von Kochar.

CTG, ADAA Stage Genocide Playreadings

LOS ANGELES—Center Theatre Group (CTG), one of the largest theatre companies in the nation, in partnership with the Armenian Dramatic Artists Alliance (ADAA), presented “Staging the Unstageable: The Esthetics of Dramatizing Atrocity” – an evening of celebrity play-readings and a panel – at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City, on Tuesday, April 28, to