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AYF Youth Corps Arrives in Mountainous Karabagh Republic

STEPANAKERT-Sixteen members of the Armenian Youth Federation arrived in Artsakh on July 19 to participate in the 2003 AYF Youth Corps program. They will spend the summer in Stepanakert–the capital of Artsakh–helping to rebuild the "Soseh" kindergarten and the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center in Stepanakert. The participants have also begun teaching English to AYF members in

AYF Youth Corps Heads to Mountainous Karabagh

GLENDALE–The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Youth Corps Council has accepted its final applicants for the 2003 AYF Youth Corps program. Over fifteen youth will travel to the war-torn areas of the Mountainous Karabagh Republic to help rebuild destroyed churches–schools–and youth camps. The youth–who depart on July 12–will live with the people of Karabagh and will

AYF Celebrates 70 Prosperous Years

LOS ANGELES–The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Western Region celebrated the 70th anniversary of the organization with a festive gathering that took place on Sunday–May 18 at the John Anson Ford open-air Amphitheater in Los Angeles. After a flag ceremony by the Homenetmen’scouts–the national anthems of Armenia and the US were performed by Lori Partamian. Myrna

AYF Launches Youth Corps 2002

On Sunday July 28–members of the Armenian Youth Federation Western United States began their journey to Armenia to take part in the 2002 AYF Youth Corps program. The group will spend three days in Armenia’sightseeing and meeting with local AYF members. Thereafter–the group will travel to Artsakh for a three-week period. In Artsakh the group

Armenia Commemorates Genocide Victims

YEREVAN (Reuters)–Thousands of Armenian mourners gathered at the Tsitsernakaberd hilltop on Tuesday–April 24 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. A river of people young and old walked slowly up a tree-lined path to Yerevan’s genocide memorial–a towering granite needle flanked by an eternal flame. The snow-capped Mount Ararat bore silent witness

Youth Corps 1999 Touches Down in Armenia

BY ALEX SARDAR Special to Asbarez YEREVAN–The Armenian Youth Federation Youth Corps 1999 participants arrived at Yerevan’s Zvartnots Airport early Tuesday morning–signaling the start of the last mission of the century for the AYF Youth Corps. The 1999 AYF Youth Corps group is comprised of Armenian youth from various locales of Southern California and one

Youth Corps Homenetmen Jamboree Participants Depart for Homeland

LOS ANGELES–In what became an afternoon of confused patience–an immense group of Armenian youth representing the Western region of the United States–departed for Armenia–via Frankfurt–in order to take part in two very distinct events. The Armenian Youth Federation Youth Corps program along with some 102 members from various chapters of the Homenetmen Western Region–left Los

AYF Youth Corps Members Leave for Ashan Karabakh

LOS ANGELES–Twelve young Armenian Americans left for the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh Monday–beginning this year’s Armenian Youth Federation Youth Corps mission. The Youth Corps program–established in 1994–has become a successful annual event–where a select number of interested youth from the United States and Canada have travelled to various villages in Karabakh to help in reconstruction activities