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Unspeakables… & Good News

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN I’ll abide by the “lav, pav, tzav” (OK, enough, pain) admonition applied by generations of Armenian parents. I’m going to have to mention a topic that just 15-20 years ago I would have come close to sneering at the existence of in our community. The third incidence of this unmentionable actually arose


Isn’t that a great word? Diasporaland! I wish I’d come up with it! Those who did are a new band in Argentina, Los Armenios. It does the heart good to see this sort of progress. I like what I heard so much that I’m venturing into uncharted waters, I’m actually going to pretend to be a music critic!

So Many Lessons

By Garen Yegparian I really hope this’ll be the last election related piece for a while. Three back to back on the same topic can become boring. But–it’s necessary. The Armenian community is savoring a sweet victory right now. Paul Krekorian has won the Democratic Party nomination in the 43rd Assembly District of California–which houses

EIs: On the March Again

By Garen Yegparian It’s election time again and our good buddies–the Electoral Idiots (EIs) have ventured forth anew to wreak political ruin for our community. This time around the stakes are higher–not just city council seats–but a State Assembly seat; in California; one of only 80; governing some 36 million people–almost 12.5% of the US

Irritants III

By Garen Yegparian OK–this week–let’s just have some fun. It’s been a year and a half since I went on a whining spree and there are weighty issues coming next week. As I quoted before–Jean Paul Sartre said–"Hell is other people," and boy was/is he right! You go to the grocery market–and they’ve got "cluster

We’re All Immigran’s

By Garen Yegparian Unless you’re living in Africa and have for hundreds of millennia–you’re an immigrant- that according to the current scientific understanding of where our species arose. Then we spread from that continent to others–a phenomenon now described by the words emigration and immigration. It seems that extremist elemen’s in American society want to


By Garen Yegparian We may be making progress–minor and mixed though it might be. I’m referring to participation in this year’s commemorative activities–of course. Last year–I’d observed that being a multiple-of-ten year seemed to have helped turnout. Without that reason–numbers in two key places were up this year. Others were less inspiring. In Burbank–the ANC

Honkin’ Flags

By Garen Yegparian Originally written last year–this piece remained unpublished. It sprang up in response to incidents during our 90th Genocide anniversary commemorations. Let it serve as a precaution for this year and an inspiration for the future. Let’s put this massive fountain of untapped enthusiasm to use in the service of our struggle. What’s

Missed a B

Garen Yegparian Just over two years ago–I gleefully wrote about the ousting of then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar–one of those who energetically supported the murderous adventure in Iraq. Then I dared hope that two other thugs–Tony Blair and George W. Bush–would be ousted. But I missed a B–as in Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. As

Woulda Been Nice

By Garen Yegparian I know you’ll be very surprised to learn that we won’t have passage of a Genocide Resolution–neither HR 316 nor HCR 195–by April 24 of this year. That is of course if you live on another planet. Both were passed by the House International Relations Committee back on September 15–2005. But they