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G_d?s Wrath*

By Garen Yegparian Earthquakes–tsunamis–hurricanes–floods–and high gas prices- all increasing in frequency? See what we have wrought? We have angered the Almighty by transgressing against His laws. And now we are reaping the whirlwind of G_d’s wrath. We have despoiled and degraded Creation. Water and air–intelligently designed to sustain us–now poison us. The land–where it has

First Sierra Summit

By Garen Yegparian Last weekend was quite an experience as I attended the first ever convention-expo organized by the Sierra Club. The first of its four components was organizational. The Sierra Club priority setting was conducted by consulting with some 700 delegates gathered from around the country. Ultimately–energy issues became the top priority with liveable

Time Bomb Alright

By Garen Yegparian Unbelievable! Fifteen days as of this writing–and not a peep out of us! NBC’s Dateline runs roughshod over Hai Tahd and one of our activists–and no one says or does anything. On Tuesday–June 14–NBC Dateline ran the piece–"Time Bomb: Investigation into Storage Locker Full of Explosives in Bedford–Ohio" about Mourad Topalian and

OPINIION: Now I’m Surer

By Garen Yegparian I used to wonder if the rabid conservatives could really be as petty–miserly–and cowardly as they seemed. It just didn’t seem humanly possible. But a recent passing interaction in the snack shop at work makes it seem more probable that there truly can exist human beings who are so small of spirit.

Honkin? Flags

By Garen Yegparian What’s up with the honking cars wrapped and festooned with the yerakooyn? Every April 24–the streets of our ghettos and areas near our gatherings and marches are witness to this phenomenon. This year–I personally witnessed a number of cases of truly unnecessary and reckless driving by the loud flagmobiles. Armenia’s–and not just

March and Rally in Little Armenia

By Garen Yegparian In its fifth year–the march and rally in little Armenia attracted over 6,000 participants. The cooler–overcast weather made life easier for the vast majority of black-T-shirt clad participants. The serious mood set by the shirts was mirrored by the marchers’ behavior. They started eastward at the intersection of Hobart and Hollywood–turned south

Another Year

By Garen Yegparian It was a "0" year–you know–60th–70th–80th anniversary. For some reason–these seem to become big deals in the human mind. Though it does seem to have helped the turnout at some Genocide commemorative activities–things were–otherwise–pretty typical–usual–boring–even counterproductive in some cases. Once again I made it a point to attend as many events as

Paragons of Shame

By Garen Yegparian This is a sad–bad true tale of arrogant–egotistical–and community-damaging behavior by some Armenia’s. It’s the tale of the Tuesday–April 5–2005 City of Glendale General Municipal Elections. Let’s get a few facts and guiding assumptions out. At the time of writing–this piece is based on numbers as of the wee hours of Wednesday

Talking Turkey

By Garen Yegparian Has anybody been reading the LA Times lately? Oh–let’s say the last six months. Now compare that with the preceding six years. You’ll notice a large increase in Turkey coverage. Not just news–but op-ed pieces too. The reporter doing much of the writing–Amberin Zaman–is probably a Turk judging by the name and

Electoral Idiots

By Garen Yegparian It’s all I can do to not use names in this piece–all in the interest of protecting the pride of the guilty. In a place called Glendale–a very heated contest is raging for the office of City Clerk. Who’d have thought that was possible? Well–it’s true and we–as Armenia’s–are overly well represented–