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The Show is Over… The Protocols are Dead!

The show is finally over! The international community is no longer buying the endless Turkish excuses for refusing to ratify the Protocols. Armenian officials, who naively believed that Turkey would open its border and establish diplomatic relations with Armenia, are beginning to question the Turks’ sincerity and contemplating the possibility of the Protocols’ collapse.

CBS Exposes Turkey’s Violation of Greek Minority Rights, but Ignores Armenians

CBS Network’s “60 Minutes” program aired on December 17 a devastating exposé of the violations of the rights of the Greek minority in Turkey. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church, headquartered in Istanbul, courageously criticized the Turkish government for treating him as a “second-class citizen.” He went on to state that he felt like he was being “crucified.”

Obama Should Forfeit Nobel Prize Until He Tells Truth on Genocide

sassounianIn his letter of November 20 to Armenian American organizations, Pres. Obama once again played shameful word games with the term genocide. At this point, one has to be incredibly naïve to believe that he is going to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide during the rest of his term in office.

Jewish Editor and Turkish Commentator Protest Against Genocide Denial

Armenians are understandably distressed when they encounter statements that distort or deny the facts of the Armenian Genocide, and feel comforted when it is properly acknowledged. While they are quick to castigate the deniers, they rarely take the time to recognize those who speak the truth.