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Righteous Jews, Armenia’s, and Others Demand ADL Director’s Resignation

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN For many years, Armenian-Americans have been frustrated and angered by the fact that a small number of influential Jewish-American organizations have been undermining congressional efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide by providing political support to the Turkish denialist campaign. At the same time, the Armenian community has been pleased that many Jewish

Dollar vs. Dram; Fact vs. Fiction

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN In the last couple of years, the U.S. dollar has lost more than 40% of its value against the Armenian currency, the dram. This devaluation has had a major impact on Armenia ?s economy on several fronts: — On-going projects in Armenia , funded in dollars from overseas, have considerably exceeded their

Now that Bush has Withdrawn Hoagland, What have Armenia’s Accomplished?

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN Now that the White House has been forced to withdraw Richard Hoagland’s nomination as ambassador to Armenia, it is time to reflect upon the consequences of this political tug-of-war between the Armenian American community and the Bush Administration. Here are my reflections on this issue: — The Armenian-American community was obligated to

Rabbis at Odds: Rabbi of Armenia Castigates Rabbi of Azerbaijan

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN At the request of the Turkish government, the Chief Rabbi of Turkey and Jewish leaders in Istanbul periodically make public statemen’s against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international community. Turkish officials make similar anti-Armenian deman’s from American-Jewish organizations during their frequent visits to the United States. Azerbaijan’s leaders, who