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People & Places: Two Guys and a Girl

“So you’ve given up on the i-a-n?” Rouben asks, referring to the unspoken pre-requisite of all Armenians wishing to find a mate. “I’m surprised women stick to it for as long as they do,” Dickran interjects before Talar has a chance to respond. She’s surprised by Dickran’s candor and says, “Odars (non-Armenians) appreciate us more than Armenian men do.”

Capital Perspectives: Road Trip Full of History and Activism

Not all ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship work is done in Washington, DC. The summer offers the opportunity to spread the Hai Tahd message across the U.S. Take, for example, our trip to Providence and Boston this past weekend. The intern team attended the Homenetmen Eastern Region Olympics — supporting the athletes and the organization and having a good time with the friends. But, our main purpose was to spread the word about our latest effort to battle Armenian Genocide denial.

People & Places: The Vacationer

It is late morning and I walk into my local coffee shop and see Nayri sitting at a small table by the far wall. Her back is to the door and she doesn’t see me as I approach and tap her on the arm. I haven’t seen her in while and want to say hello. She gets up to give me a hug and I notice that she has an open journal and doesn’t seem her usual bubbly self. “You look really sad. Like you’re about to tell me some seriously bad news,” I say to her.

People & Places: The Aspiring Journalist

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and Alin and I are sipping coffee on the balcony when the conversation turns towards her upcoming school year. She is to start her junior year in high school this fall. Just shy of her sixteenth birthday, Alin has already decided on her future career while most of her contemporaries are still focused on how to fill their days with summer fun.

Dr. Israel Charny Condemns Denial of Armenian Genocide in British Parliament

In an earlier column I wrote about the special conference held at the British Parliament on May 7, organized by the British-Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group. Dr. Israel Charny and I were invited as guest speakers. I spoke about “The Armenian Genocide and Quest for Justice.” Dr. Charny could not attend due to illness, however, his prepared remarks were read by Peter Barker, a former broadcaster of BBC Radio.

Yegparian: Irritants X

Let’s take a quick look back at the KFI situation. This time, it’s we who are being stooopid (perhaps I should add a few more “o”-s for emphasis). As you know, KFI and Bill Handel have taken and are going to be taking steps to make up for the unacceptable comment made on the May 14 show. We raised a hue and cry. They met with us. The meeting was very favorable, as was its outcome. Yet some members of our community are apparently still writing the station/Handel. That is probably forgivable. What’s not acceptable, and stooopid, is communication which includes threats and untoward language. STOP IT if you’re guilty. Tell friends who are guilty to STOP IT. All it does is lead to the writers being reported to law enforcement and all of us looking bad, with no positive outcome possible.