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Capital Perspectives: Two Hearings; Twenty Countries; a Thousand Perspectives

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has a broad and diverse agenda. On any given day, we can see hearings on issues from China to Russia, to Turkey to the issues in the Middle East overall. The main foreign affairs committee room is home to each of these hearings – full committee and specialized subcommittees – taking us from country to country without leaving our seats.

Non Standard Standards

An interesting contradictory coincidence has provided me with a topic this week. The LATimes reported on June 17 that a U.S. Senator had come out about an affair he had with a staffer about a year ago, lasting some eight months. Both were and are married. He does not plan to resign from office. The night before, Burbanks’s City Council decided to remove a recently appointed police commission member because he had about a year of probation left for a DUI.

The Accidental Environmentalist

“Want to meet for coffee?” said the text message from Anto. He is an electrical engineering who, years ago, happened to get involved in a start-up dealing with energy storage. Now he works for one of his former vendors who produce the components needed to convert raw power into usable energy. Currently he’s working on a solar converter for big power plants. “It’s a fluke I fell into it [but] I’m not leaving it. I believe we need a solution but I’m not a freaky ‘green’ guy or anything like that,” he says with a chuckle at the interesting turn his career has taken into environmentally friendly products.

An Object Lesson

This class started May 13 with insipid comments on the Bill Handel Show on KFI 640 AM in the “LA market.” First point to take note of, an Armenian listener, hearing Handel’s comments, was offended, and wrote a note, immediately. He didn’t wait for instructions from someone or an organization who “knew better”. He didn’t make the perfect the enemy of the possible. He just sent off an e-mail.

German Scholar Exposes Turkish Propaganda about Jews

For many years, the Turkish government and its hired propagandists have claimed that Jews have been well treated in Turkey throughout history.

In recent years, as Turkey came under intense international pressure to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, Turkish officials decided to present a more positive image of their country by forcing local Jewish leaders to issue public statements claiming that their community has lived in peace and prosperity for hundreds of years.

The Romantic

“Actually yesterday I was pretty depressed. I am a very romantic person and I kind of feel like I missed that era in my life,” says Melanie, known to her friends as Melo. “Now I find I’m not that selfless anymore. I would not do things because they’re romantic, I would do things because they’re logical or they make sense.” Romance and its changing nature as we evolve into the different stages of life is the topic of discussion. Whether married or single, everyone longs for its illusive magic. “Right now I’m so mechanical. If I meet someone I just have a face on where I’m totally shielded, I don’t let them get into me. There’s no feelings involved.”