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Whose Poor Governance?

The Millennium Challenge Corporation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting today, the first chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and attended by new Board member Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, to discuss MCC programs generally and review in detail MCC’s current partnerships with Armenia and Nicaragua. Given ongoing concerns about


Turkey’s getting more sophisticated. Instead of using a maul, it’s now a mere hammer. It might be that they’re actually listening to their K Street hirelings. Or, it could be the latter are finally earning their keep and doing something other than ripping of the suckers, er “leaders”, in Ankara. Or maybe there’s just a

Spanning the 24th

The eve of the 24th. The ARF Shant Student Association and the California State University at Northridge Armenian Students Association jointly sponsored a commemorative activity on the lawn outside the student center. Unfortunately barely some 125 people were present, students and non-students. The typical filler was of course included with music and short presentations by

Georgetown Rejects Turkish Attempt to Use Patriarch as Tool for DenialBy Harut Sassounian

Last week, Turkish denialist circles tried to create a major scandal out of Georgetown University’s cancellation of a planned speech by the Patriarch of Istanbul, Mesrob II, titled "The Impasse between Turks and Armenia’s Must be Broken." Turkish officials, journalists and some "liberal" Turkish and Armenian scholars (who believe in reconciliation without justice), joined the

Legal Remedies in Claiming Restitution for Genocide Losses

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN September 8, 2007 could be a turning point in the pursuit of the Armenian Cause. On that date, University of Southern California’s Institute of Armenian Studies organized an unprecedented symposium on "International Law and the Armenian Genocide: Recognition, Responsibility and Restitution." After opening remarks by Prof. Richard H. Dekmejian, Director of the

Waste, Not

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN September 11 was a good day for reading the LATimes. One interesting item was about the “freegan” movement– combine “free” and “vegan”, “The key to a free lunch”. It’s no longer just vegan, but the underlying principle of non-waste is important. Freegans currently exist on the periphery of society. They’ll scavenge food,

Court Interpreters

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN I was expecting to just have fun this week with one of my “irritants” columns, but something more serious accosted me. Walking to my bus stop from work yesterday, I saw that Court Interpreters were picketing the County courthouse in downtown LA (and four other locations) over a labor dispute for better

Turkish-American Leaders Have Found ‘The Perfect Time’ to Sue Each Other

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN Armenia’s have always blamed themselves for their lack of unity. Of course, Jews and other communities, who have their own internal quarrels, frequently express the wish that they were as united as Armenia’s! The recent dispute among Jewish-Americans regarding the ADL’s position on the Armenian Genocide reflects the natural diversity of opinion

New Turkish President

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN I guess the hurly-burly’s done and the battle lost and won, but who noticed? What came in roaring like it might shake Asia Minor to its political core actually transpired with little more than a whimper. Maybe this is why the LATimes mislabled its “World in Brief” coverage of Abdullah Gul’s election

ADL’s Domino Effect: Genocide Deniers are Falling One by One

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN For too many years, Abraham Foxman and ADL’s leaders have gone far beyond their organization’s noble mandate of stopping "the defamation of the Jewish people," by meddling in international politics. The ADL had apparently appointed itself the guardian of Israel’s strategic interests and the well being of Jews everywhere, particularly those in