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The Banker

Sitting behind the desk Zohrab looks through the windows that take up the two walls of his well lit inner office. His frequent glances monitor the activity in the outer room from the customers to the tellers to the other officers at the branch of the well known bank in downtown Beirut where he is the director.

Et Tu Obama? Letter from a Former Admirer

Mr. President, how could you! Your candidacy was a breath of fresh air. You stood for change. You made wonderful promises and the Armenian-American community put its trust in you. We are now terribly disappointed because you acted not much differently than your predecessors on the Armenian Genocide issue. Your April 24 statement fell far

Feel the Rage, Build the Fury

Before moving on to the somewhat mundane task of chronicling April 24th commemorative events, allow me to formulate what I suspect, and hope, everyone feels. As if it wasn’t enough that the Armenian government’s utter lack of public-relations-sense, and disregard for Armenians’ own Genocide/Turkey, was manifested through the ill-timed “roadmap” declaration. There has been no

Turkey Prevails in Round 1; Kicks off Round 2 of Tricks on Armenia

Turkey brilliantly accomplished its objectives in the first round of negotiations ostensibly to open the border with Armenia. Ever since 1993, when Turkish leaders closed the border, they set two main preconditions for its reopening. Armenia must: 1) Stop pursuing international recognition of the Armenian Genocide; and 2) Return Artsakh (Karabagh) to Azerbaijan. Despite persistent

The Philanthropist

What happens when you import the best of chocolates, the best of gelato, the best of coffee and put it all together in one place like?  You get a glimpse in the inner working of Zareh’s mind. For the past three years this he’s been operating a chocolate shop in La Canada because doesn’t believe

What a Ride II!

Now, the second part’s over, too.  The Burbank General Election took place on Tuesday April 14.  Three of the six people who’d advanced from the Primary were elected.  I was not one of them.  But the last six months of all-election-all-the-time have produced much grist for my article mill.  Today, I’ll just provide a broad

The Other Kessabtsi

Origins are an important element in this part of the world. The Middle East, particularly the Armenian community, relies heavily on this information when meeting strangers. Toros, after living in Kessab for over thirty years, still says he is a Sassountsi from Halleb. He is fifty seven years old with a thick bushy moustache, almost

Whose Poor Governance?

The Millennium Challenge Corporation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting today, the first chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and attended by new Board member Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, to discuss MCC programs generally and review in detail MCC’s current partnerships with Armenia and Nicaragua. Given ongoing concerns about


Turkey’s getting more sophisticated. Instead of using a maul, it’s now a mere hammer. It might be that they’re actually listening to their K Street hirelings. Or, it could be the latter are finally earning their keep and doing something other than ripping of the suckers, er “leaders”, in Ankara. Or maybe there’s just a

Spanning the 24th

The eve of the 24th. The ARF Shant Student Association and the California State University at Northridge Armenian Students Association jointly sponsored a commemorative activity on the lawn outside the student center. Unfortunately barely some 125 people were present, students and non-students. The typical filler was of course included with music and short presentations by