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Harut Sassounian

Rabbi Shmuley and Centennial Committee Depict Obama as ‘Liar’ in NY Times Ad

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN The Centennial commemorations of the Armenian Genocide were marked with unprecedented, and sometimes, unexpected developments. One such occasion was the full page ad placed in the New York Times on April 18 by well-known and controversial Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Founder, The World Values Network) and the Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee, Eastern U.S.

Garen Yegparian

Mahçup, Amot, Embarassment

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN Etyen Mahçupyan’s “Compensation and territory” published May 12, 2015 in the Turkish Daily Sabah is a mass of drivel that constitutes an affront to human decency and intellect. Please, feel free to read it in its entirety. I will just address the most flagrant fallacies. You might remember that Mahçupyan is an

Garen Yegparian

Wasn’t It Bad Enough?

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN Wasn’t it bad enough when they took 1,500,000 lives? Wasn’t it bad enough that they left hundreds of thousands orphaned and homeless? Wasn’t it bad enough that more hundreds of thousands were forced to mask their true identities for three generations and counting? Wasn’t it bad enough that even a generation later,

Catherine Yesayan

An Unforgettable March

BY CATHERINE YESAYAN On April 24, I was one of the 160,000 people (number was confirmed by Los Angeles City officials and traffic engineers) that marched for justice to protest the Turkish government’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide. It was a thrilling experience to take part in the six mile walk, and see how

Harut Sassounian

Turkish Obsession with Armenian Territorial Demands

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN On the occasion of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, Turkish reporters insistently inquired about Armenia’s territorial claims from Turkey. In an interview published on April 25, 2015, in the Turkish Hurriyet newspaper, a reporter asked Pres. Serzh Sargsyan if Armenia had territorial demands from Turkey. Below is my translation of Hurriyet’s Turkish text

Garen Yegparian

Harvesting the Hundredth

Euphoric, human flood, insanely well behaved, overwhelming, pride, second largest demonstration in Los Angeles history, thrilling, tremendous – these are all terms that I heard to describe the 130,000 people who started marching in Hollywood’s Little Armenia on April 24th, then massed in front of the building housing the Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Harut Sassounian

Museum Exhibits Armenian Artifacts a Century after Rescue by Russians

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN On my way back from the Centennial events in Yerevan last week, I stopped in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to attend the inauguration of an unprecedented exhibit of Armenian artifacts rescued by Russian ethnographers from Western Armenia during the Genocide. Here is the incredible background story of that unique exhibit. In 1916, during