In Memoriam articles

They Are Our children

I am a mother of two young children and although my son is not named Allen and my daughter is not named Sosé I have spent the last month grieving: consumed by anger, disbelief and sadness.

A Great Legacy to Follow

I hate the lack of control over my body’s physical reaction to pain—not the pain of a torn meniscus or a bumped shoulder, but pain that makes you sick to your stomach, changes your breathing pattern and makes you wish your heart was numb to all feelings

Thank You

Text message: Allen Yekikian died in a car accident. What? This can’t be real. Stealthily check my Facebook during a meeting and see confirmation via the Asbarez post.

Angel Sosé

BY MELODY NAZARIAN She wore white on her wedding day And gleamed from head to toe And though I wasn’t present there I could still see the glow. The way she peered into her Allen’s eyes She couldn’t hide her awe if she tried They were married in August in Armenia, With smiles they couldn’t