Community articles

Manas Boujikian Completes $400,000 Pledge to ANCA Endowment

Manas Boujikian, a long-time community leader who, for decades, helped sustain the growth of Armenian advocacy, has completed funding his $400,000 pledge, ahead of schedule, to the ANCA Endowment Fund, marking yet another philanthropic milestone in his life-long commitment to ensuring that collective voice and common aspirations of Armenian Americans are heard and respected in the nation’s capital.

Sing Armenians, Sing

… one moment in our collective history when we came together despite our differences to celebrate our diversified popular culture. On Sunday, December 13, our hyphenated people came from the north and south of the Equator and the left and right of the Meridian to the entertainment capital of the world, to honor the Armenian stars, the modern makers of Armenian Culture, the ones who shone bright center-stage at the Nokia Theatre.

ALMA’s Armenian Legionnaire Traveling Exhibit in Pasadena

“Légion Arménienne: The Armenian Legion and Its Heroism in the Middle East,” a traveling exhibit developed and prepared by the Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA), is now on display at the Great Hall of the Pasadena Central Library through January 17, 2010. The exhibit explores the formation, training, military action, and postwar activities of this all-volunteer force from World War I through photographs and narratives.

Rustamian Gives Detailed Report on ARF Activities in Armenia on East Coast Tour

Armen Rustamian, member of Armenia’s National Assembly, concluded his East Coast visit on Dec. 13, following a guest appearance at the New York ARF’s program marking the party’s 119th anniversary. During his Dec. 9-13 visit, Rustamian met with Congressional and other US representatives and spoke at several Armenian community events organized by the ARF in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Providence, Watertown, New Jersey, and New York.