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Interning for the Cause, Nare Kupelian Takes Local Activism to the Regional Level

GLENDALE—Community Government Affairs Intern Nare Kupelian joins the Armenian National Committee-Western Region’s Internship-Externship Program (ANC-WR IEP) this summer as a graduate of the ANC Glendale Internship Program. Nearly half-way through the summer session, Kupelian is already working on her assigned projects with several local ANCs, including the ANC of San Diego County.

ANC-WR Interns Half Way Through Summer Session, Making A Difference

Working together and on their individual projects, the seven interns of the Armenian National Committee-Western Region’s Internship Externship Program (ANC-WR IEP) reached the half-way point of the 2009 Summer Session this past week. In a few short weeks, the interns have accomplished much from organizing community forums on the 2010 US Census and covering the developing situation in the Nagorno Karabagh Republic to honing resume writing and interview skills as well as meeting with community organization leaders.

Theater Review: Good Laughs in ‘Bad Armo’

Is Armenian theater in Los Angeles maturing in a way that it can hold up a mirror to the community in which it thrives and satirize its follies? There are signs of this. Earlier this year, the Arvest Gang served up “Out of the Cage,” a splendid evening of sketch comedy, in Armenian, that skewered various attributes of our collective ethnic existence. Then came “The Big Bad Armo Show,” comedienne Lory Tatoulian’s impressive pastiche of skits, in English, which ended a limited encore engagement at Casitas Studios in Atwater on Saturday night.

Javakhk Photo Exhibit to Help Youth in Troubled Region

A photo exhibition and sale, displaying the everyday life of Armenians in Javakhk will be held on Saturday July 25 at the Lost Souls Café in Downtown Los Angeles. (124 W. 4th Street, Los Angeles CA, 90013)