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ANC-WR Provides Grants to Local Armenian American Organizations In Effort To Promote Census 2010

The Armenian National Committee-Western Region (ANC-WR) granted money to a variety of Armenian American organizations this week as part of its ANCensus 2010 campaign. The grant will allow Armenian American organizations to raise awareness about the 2010 Census by educating the local Armenian community about the Census process, safety and importance.

Genocide Exhibition in Rhode Island Gains Strong Momentum

Since its announcement, the historically and artistically important exhibition, “The Armenian Genocide—95 Years Later, In Remembrance,” has steadily been gaining outstanding momentum and support. The show will mark the 95th anniversary of the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide and is being curated by Gallery Z director Bérge Ara Zobian, an Armenian of Providence, RI. Zobian is producing the show in collaboration with The Urban Arts and Culture Program of the University of Rhode Island.

Pilibos Students Don on Red to Show Support for Haiti Relief

On February 2, those Rose and Alex Plilibos Armenian School students who had contributed to the Haiti Relief fund earned the right to wear red shirts, instead of their uniforms. The students raised $1,778 and 12th graders Arpa Hatsbanian and Juliana Khanjian brought their school check to the ARS headquarters, as the Regional Executive board

New Children’s Publication, ‘Gakavig,’ Unveiled

“Gakavig” children’s magazine was launched in Los Angeles on February 3. The unveiling of the magazine was hosted by the “Shoghart Gallery” located in Burbank. Among the attendees were representatives from the community media, Armenian schools, the Western Diocese and Western Prelacy of the United States as well as friends and supporters of Gakavig.

Saturday School Students Learn About ARS History

More than 100 ARS Saturday School students from five schools participated in a seminar program held on February 6, 2010, at the Glendale Youth Center. The event organized by the Regional Saturday School Committee was emceed by Kevork Bedigian, principal of the Talin School.

Society for Armenian Studies Issues Statement on ‘Historical Sub-Commission’

Following a vote at the Nov. 21, 2009, meeting of the Society for Armenian Studies (SAS), which called on the SAS Executive Council to prepare a statement concerning the “historical sub-commission” in the Armenian-Turkish protocols, and following a vote of the SAS membership in support of the statement, the SAS Executive Council, on behalf of the entire SAS membership, hereby issues the following statement regarding the proposed historical sub-commission: