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Fiscal & Governance Irresponsibility

It’s bad enough that so-called fiscally conservative legislators (which should be interpreted as those advocating a “save now but spend unavoidably, yet needlessly, more later” approach) are preventing the federal government from stimulating the economy more strongly. But here in California, because of peculiar requirements for passing a budget, a minority in the legislature (sharing its ill-conceived ideology with the aforementioned federal level electeds) is able to impose its will. This tyranny of the minority must end, though the means are unclear.

8th Pan Homenetmen Games To Kick Off with Opening Ceremonies on August 1

The Opening Ceremonies of the 8th Pan Homenetmen Games will take place on August 1 at Yerevan’s Republic Square. The ceremonies will begin at 8:30 PM local time with the march of all participating athletes, followed by the formal program in the presence of representatives from the Armenian Government, religious clergy, and Official guests.