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‘Happy Armenians’ and a Post-Centennial Paradigm for Armenian Drama

‘Happy Armenians’ and a Post-Centennial Paradigm for Armenian Drama

“Happy Armenians” unfolds in an alternate version of history in which the Kingdom of Cilicia did not meet its end in 1375

CRITICS’ FORUM: On Movies That Move Us: An Interview with Gariné Torossian

BY KAREN JALLATYAN Gariné Torossian is a Lebanese-born Canadian-Armenian filmmaker who for more than two decades has been making numerous audio-visual works of art of astonishing complexity. She has graciously agreed to answer a few questions regarding her practice and specifically her first feature-length film “Stone Time Touch” (2007). After the film premiered in the

From Constantinople to LA: Three Centuries of Western Armenian Theater

BY ARAM KOUYOUMDJIAN This past fall, at a conference on “Armenian Art and Culture in the Ottoman Empire Before 1915,” I presented a paper entitled “Arrested Development: Western Armenian Theater in the Nineteenth Century.” The paper examined the emergence of Western Armenian theater in Constantinople – or “Bolis” – amidst a period of national awakening