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Obama Alienates Armenian Americans

If President Obama’s plan were to completely alienate Armenian Americans in the first year of his presidency, it’s safe to say he has reached his goal in record time. Two weeks after betraying his campaign promise to properly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, Obama broke yet another promise to Armenian Americans who had staunchly supported him during his presidential campaign—he tilted the military aid parity between Armenia and Azerbaijan in favor of the latter, and proposed allocating less aid to Armenia than it received in 2008.

In The Stands, Or On The Field?

There is, you may have noticed, resistance among some Armenian Americans to organizing with others toward shared goals. This likely exists for a variety of reasons, some cultural, others personal. It could be that this tendency has roots in our long experience as subjects of foreign rule, not as citizens free to shape our own destinies.

Bryza Says ‘Territories’ will be Returned, New ‘Status’ for Karabakh

The US Co-chair of the OSCE Minks Group, Matthew Bryza, announced Monday that the liberated territories surrounding the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic will be turned over to Azerbaijan with plans to resettle those areas with so-called Azeri refugees and that Karabakh will be granted a new status, the nature of which is the subject of negotiations.

Shoushi is More Significant Than Ever

The liberation of Shoushi was the most significant turning point in the Karabakh movement, and today, 17 years later, its significance is even more crucial to the Armenian reality as we live in uncertain political times. The last two weeks have been fraught with developments that have shaken the Armenian reality as we know it.

Finally the ARF Has Resumed Its Traditional Role

By assuming their role as the loyal opposition, the ARF has injected itself into the normalization process, unfettered by the constraints that hobbled it as a coalition partner. Sarkisian must realize the serious consequences should he present any agreement as a fait accompli. This would be a serious setback for the democratization process in Armenia. The normalization of relations with Turkey is a historic moment in contemporary Armenian history. The ARF, by reassuming its traditional, role takes center stage in this process. It

ANCA Advocacy Days: My Unforgettable Trip to D.C.

On April 21, Arev Hovsepian had the privilege of flying to Washington D.C. from Los Angeles to lobby Members of Congress to support House Resolution 252 which officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide. As part of the ANCA Advocacy Days, her mission started the next morning, when about 50 ANCA volunteers from throughout the country came together to try to increase the number of Congressional co-sponsors for the resolution. At 14 years old, she was the youngest of the volunteers.