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Our Friends, Our Foes: The Kurds

The inheritance of my generation of Armenians is the legacy of our parents and grandparents, who survived the Genocide, especially the atrocities committed by the Kurds. Even after almost a century, talking to the post-Genocide Armenians about the Kurds generates anger, disgust, hatred, belittlement and at best indifference. However to-day’s realities mandate a cool, close look at these people who share land with us in South Eastern Turkey, which we call Western Armenia, and they call Northern Kurdistan. So are they our friends or foes, or both?

Soaring Satire: The Best of Theater In 2009

This year’s trend in Armenian theater had to be satire, given that it seemed to thread virtually every significant production of the past 12 months. It appeared in both Armenian- and English-language scripts, in original scripts and revivals of classic scripts, and it served as the sign of a maturing theater community that not only entertains its surrounding society, but enlightens it by exposing its follies. Here, I take a look back at the best of these theatrical offerings – the ones that stood out for piercing wit and potency.