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ANCA Advocacy Days: My Unforgettable Trip to D.C.

On April 21, Arev Hovsepian had the privilege of flying to Washington D.C. from Los Angeles to lobby Members of Congress to support House Resolution 252 which officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide. As part of the ANCA Advocacy Days, her mission started the next morning, when about 50 ANCA volunteers from throughout the country came together to try to increase the number of Congressional co-sponsors for the resolution. At 14 years old, she was the youngest of the volunteers.

Nalbandian Shuts Out the Press

Requests to interview Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian while he was in Washington were denied. This is most troubling, especially at a time when flow of information from official Yerevan is so little, that we, in the business, are forced to decipher through propaganda-laced news reports from Turkey and Azerbaijan to make sense of this so-called “roadmap” to normalization of ties between Turkey and Armenia.

Israeli Knesset to Discuss Armenian Genocide Resolution

JERUSALEM (Combined Sources)-The Israeli Knesset Tuesday unanimously voted to include the discussion of a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide to its agenda. Discussions on to which committee the bill would be referred are expected soon. The motion was introduced by Meretz Chairman, MP Haim Oron, who introduces this resolution every year to coincide with April

Time to Take Stock

Turkish-Armenian relations have to be viewed on two levels: process and content.

It’s probably natural to think that to achieve progress in content, a process must take place. But not in the case of Turkish-Armenian relations. For Turkey, the process itself has always been an end, not a means.