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Athletic Competition in Full Swing at Navasartian Games

The Navasartian Games is the largest sporting event west of the Mississippi. Organized by Homenetmen—-the Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts-—this year’s games are sure to be full of excitement and fun. A long standing member and Chairperson of the Regional Athletic Counsel, Nyree Derderian, gave Asbarez an intimate look at what goes into the planning of such an enormous set of sporting events.

A Bio-Ethanol Fuel Program for Armenia

Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency (R2E2) Fund of Armenia commissioned a feasibility study to determine possibilities of producing bio-ethanol in Armenia. This study was financed by the World Bank as a grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Enertech International, Inc. and BBI International from US in cooperation with DHD Contact LLC of Armenia were awarded a contract to conduct this feasibility study.