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Looking Ahead to the Next 100 Years

Today marks the 101st anniversary of Asbarez. As such, we conclude our year-long celebration/observance of our centennial. In the course of producing special issues and special events, the challenges that we and our predecessors have overcome to ensure the longevity of our newspaper have been at the forefront of our every-day internal discussions of our 100th anniversary.

Azerbaijani Authorities Interrogate Music Fan Over Eurovision Vote For Armenia

The Eurovision Song Contest has long promoted itself as an event where national audiences in Europe and beyond can put politics aside and enjoy a long night of entertainment performed in the spirit of friendly competition, if not necessarily musical mastery. But as Eurovision’s reach has traveled further east, old political rivalries are muddying the contest’s claim on good clean fun.

Turkish Diplomats to Learn Armenian

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has issued an instruction for all of the nation’s young diplomats to learn the languages of adjoining countries. Besides Armenian and Greek, he has encouraged them to learn Bulgarian, Arabian and Russian. The tactic is a part of Turkey’s foreign policy principles, which emphasize “zero problems with neighboring countries.”