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Javakhk: An Historical Outline (Part I)

Gugarq, the 13th of the 15 regions (ashkhars) of historical Armenia’s Metz Haiq (Greater Armenia) Kingdom, covered the northern section of the Armenian Highlands. In the east, it bordered on the province of Utiq; in the west, of Tayq; in the south, of Ayrarat; and in the north it bordered on Iberia (Virq, Georgia). Its administrative center was the city of Tsurtav. Gugarq was one of the four borderline counties of the Armenian Kingdom and, at times, it enjoyed certain autonomy. According to some Georgian historians, the name Gugarq has a Georgian origin, and it derives from the inhabitants of the region who were called “Gogars” or “Gargars.” But Armenian sources do not mention such an ethnicity. As for the land of the Gargars, it has no correlation with Gugarq.