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Russian General Favors a More Pro Azeri Policy

ISTANBUL-The chairman of the Russian Federations parliamentary defense committee–General Lev Rokhlin–said that Russia–until now–has defended Armenia’s interests at the expense of losing Azerbaijan to NATO and the West– Istanbul-based Marmara reported–quoting the Baku correspondent of Zaman newspaper–Farouk Aslan. According to Aslan–Rokhlin was concerned that Russia would lose Azerbaijan unless policy changes are adopted soon. "Armenia

Demirel Pledges Support to Azerbaijan

ISTANBUL – Turkish President Suleyman Demirel said that Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan at all future international negotiations during a New Year’s television interview–Istanbul-based Jumhuriyet and Turkiye newspapers reported. Responding to Azeri correspondent Ibrahim Nebioghlu’s questions–Demirel assured Azerbaijan that it occuppies an extremely important and exclusive place within Turkish foreign policy. "Reaching a just and