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Karabakh Presidential Spokesperson Replaced

STEPANAKERT (Golos Armenii)–Based on the directive of former Karabakh President Robert Kocharian–Thursday–presidential spokesperson Alexander Grigorian was released by his own application. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Kamo Atayan was also released–and replaced by Slavik Asrian–who previously headed a department within the same ministry.

Karabakh Presidential Elections Postponed to Fall

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)–The National Assembly of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Tuesday held a special session–during which Robert Kocharian’s resignation was accepted. A resolution–under which the president’s duties will temporarily be fulfilled by Karabakh’s prime minister–was passed. The parliament also approved a proposition to hold special presidential elections in the fall. They will coincide with local elections.

Lebanon and Syria to Open Embassies in Armenia

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)–Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Musa are expected to visit Armenia in June–according to agreemen’s reached during Armenian Foreign Minister Alexander Arzoumanian’s visits to the countries. According to the minister–issues of joint economic and social ventures will be discussed. Also agreemen’s on trade and double taxation are expected

Ukraine Azerbaijan Strengthen Ties

KIEV (Xinhua)–Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma said Monday that Ukraine and Azerbaijan–which have signed 17 cooperative agreemen’s–should help each other in difficult times. During a meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart–Gaidar Aliyev–Kuchma expressed satisfaction with the agreemen’s–adding they indicated that "we are working to the same destination–the construction of a sovereign–independent and democratic state." The 17 accords

Kocharian Discusses Karabakh New Appointment

YEREVAN (Reuter/Noyan Tapan)–Commenting on his move to accept the appointment as Armenia’s prime minister Tuesday–former Nagorno-Karabakh president Robert Kocharian said–"This move is risky–but I am used to taking risks–and I believe that at times it is even necessary to do so." At his first press conference as prime minister–Kocharian noted that it was difficult for

Armenia and Iran to Construct Highway

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)The construction of the 3500-meter tunnel in Meghri was discussed during a recent meeting between Armenian Transport Minister Henrik Kochinian and an Iranian delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Vayezi. Kochinian said that they had already agreed to a loan agreement which is to be prepared through joint efforts within the next

Armenia’s Customs Officials Return Valuables to Russia

YEREVAN (Itar-Tass)Armenian customs officials have returned valuables stolen by an Armenian criminal from the Russian Orthodox Church–to its rightful owners. Head of the Armenian customs department–Levon Khanoyan–said that a resident from the Privolnoye settlement in northern Armenia tried to smuggle two church books–a cross–and other church valuables from the republic on April 13–1994. The stolen

Russia Reacts to Kocharian Appointment

MOSCOW (Itar-Tass)"The appointment of Robert Kocharian as the Prime Minister of Armenia is exclusively an internal affair of a sovereign state," a Russian Foreign Ministry official said to Itar-Tass. The source continued to explain–"The appointment of Robert Kocharian as prime minister of Armenia has evoked a wide range of reactions both inside and outside the

Turkey Concerned Over Russian Arms Sales

ANKARA (Xinhua)The Turkish government has shown great concern over the allegedly illegal weapons shipmen’s from Russia to Armenia’saying it would adversely affect the situation in the region. Turkish foreign ministry deputy spokesperson Sermet Atacanli said at a weekly press briefing that weapons have been illegally changing hands between Russia and Armenia for the past two

Azeri Parliament Speaker Condemns Kochairan Appointment

BAKU (Reuter)A senior Azeri politician condemned Saturday the naming Robert Kocharian as the new prime minister of Armenia. "Armenia has chosen the wrong path. This is a bad sign. They want to legalize the regime in Karabakh–but this will not work. Armenia will achieve nothing," speaker of parliament Murtuz Aleskerov told reporters. Levon Ter-Petrosyan Thursday