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ANCA LSI 2015 intern Erik Khzmalyan with NKR Representative to the US Robert Avetisyan

Destination Washington! Via Yerevan, Newport, Los Angeles, and Marshall

I have lived in various cities in the past several years: all the way from my hometown Yerevan to a small town in Oregon, then from Los Angeles to Marshall, Minnesota. These constant trips, of course, helped me to gain a valuable experience, meet some bright people, expand my horizons, and finally fill my life with exhilarating adventures. But as an aspiring diplomat, I bore in mind that working or interning in Washington DC was a must so I made it my goal to settle in DC for a couple months.

A Syrian-Armenian girl, just one of thousands now living in Armenia (Eric Grigorian/Polaris)

#RootsForRefugees Campaign Reaches 68% Funding Goal

The Armenian Redwood Project (ARP), an innovative, non-profit social enterprise alliance that intends to improve the lives and well-being of the thousands of Syrian refugees impacted by the ravaging war in Syria, is excited to announce that its #RootsForRefugees crowdfunding campaign on received a major gift from the San Francisco-Bay Area Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee, moving the campaign needle to $20,411 in funds raised, which is 68% of the campaign goal of $30,000.

Chairman of the Inter ROA, Boris Kovalchuk, meets with President Serzh Sarkissian in 2012 (Source: Office of the President of Armenia)

Armenia’s Regulatory Body Says Russian Inter RAO Position is ‘Unacceptable’

In a statement released today by Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC), Armenian officials rejected claims made by the chief of the Inter RAO, Boris Kovalchuk, that Armenia’s existing system of energy tariff regulation and rules is to blame for the losses incurred by the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA), calling Kovalchuk’s claims “unacceptable.”

Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan Pascal Monnier (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)

OSCE Minsk Group Trying to Organize a Meeting of Armenian, Azerbaijani Presidents

The OSCE Minsk Group is attempting to organize a meeting between President Serz Sarkisian of Armenia and President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, according to the ambassador of France to Azerbaijan, Pascal Monnier. Speaking to the private Azerbaijani media outlet Trend about the progress of negotiations to settle the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Monnier said that when parties take no steps, the settlement process stops.