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A Postcard from North Shore

This afternoon I pulled off the two-lane Kamehameha Highway on the North Shore of Oahu to watch the mighty Pacific and the brave surfers riding her waves. When I reached for the ignition to kill the engine, I became mindful that blasting on my stereo was Karnig singing “Leran Lanchin.”

Justice For Genocide

While some criminals guilty of committing genocide (such as those in Serbia or Germany) are brought to trial, the majority go free, never penalized for their horrific crimes. In particular, the Armenians live with the unacknowledged Genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, and the perpetrators have never been charged. Among the victims was my great-grandfather, the Reverend Hagop Koundakjian, who was burned alive near his town church with 28 of his parishioners.

Churches, Ho!

Last week, it was Georgia. This week it’s Turkey. We might be onto something here with the “church building angle”. Of course I’m referring to the Georgian Parliament’s opening the door to establishing the legal status of the Armenian Apostolic Church in that country and possibly regaining stolen churches.