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A Fiery Message from the Youth: ‘We Determine Our Future’

Today, we are more politically engaged than we have ever been. Day in and day out, we walk through the halls of Congress – past the corrupt lobbyists and bribed politicians – and we hold our heads high, because truth is on our side. Year in and year out, we put faith in our leadership, we invest in their promises, and we give them our votes. In return they promise us change.

Strong Showing for US Arms Producers in Turkey

For a long time, the United States defense giants had failed to win a lucrative Turkish contract in the face of competition from European and non-European rivals, but the spell was broken last week when Sikorsky Aircraft, a top US helicopter maker, grabbed the job to lead the production of Turkey’s next utility helicopter for the military.

Prelate’s Easter Message

If there is one day of the year that is holiest to Christians, it is Easter Sunday. And if there is one day of the year next to Christmas and Easter that the Armenian people hold dearest to their hearts, it is April 24, the day the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 is commemorated.

A Good Day

This year’s April 24 related activities started early. On March 30, the Armenian Bar Association and ANC-Western Region cosponsored a well attended (over 100 people) panel discussion about the recent spate of lawsuits brought on behalf of Genocide era life insurance policy holders and their descendents. In addition to the legalities, historical/diplomatic aspects of the topic were addressed. But most interesting was the consideration given to the potential impact of the INDIVIDUAL remedies garnered by the suitors on our COLLECTIVE, NATIONAL, demands from Turkey.