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Genocide Memorials: Symbolism, Ritual Use, and Meaning

This year, April 24 falls on Easter Sunday, a coincidence that is symbolically significant, at once tragic and hopeful. Naturally, the confluence also presents scheduling difficulties for many members of the Armenian community. In recognition of that fact, the commemoration program at the Genocide memorial in Montebello, California, for example, will take place the day before, on April 23rd.

A Fiery Message from the Youth: ‘We Determine Our Future’

Today, we are more politically engaged than we have ever been. Day in and day out, we walk through the halls of Congress – past the corrupt lobbyists and bribed politicians – and we hold our heads high, because truth is on our side. Year in and year out, we put faith in our leadership, we invest in their promises, and we give them our votes. In return they promise us change.